5 Choices To Hire Plants and Flowers for Events

Congratulations on your upcoming event! Perhaps you are organising your best friend’s wedding, a business ceremony or a surprise party for a family member. Whatever the occasion, a floral arrangement is sure to liven up everybody’s mood at the party and also make the area much more beautiful and appealing.

If you are looking to pick the right plant or flower arrangement to suit your party, we suggest 5 choices that will raise the mood of everybody who is present at your gathering.

Weeping Fig

Contrary to its name, this plant will bring a smile on the faces of everybody at your get-together. Ensure that you place these plants in a well-lit area of your premise. If you have empty space by your entrance, tableside or walkway, one of our plants would be an ideal decorative addition to the area. You can also place them where you do have enough space to put chairs or tables.

Peace Lilly

These potted and flowering plants will be bright additions to your gathering. The beauty of this plant lies in its deep green leaves and white flowers. You can use it to highlight a side table that otherwise might escape the notice of your guests. You could also use it as a centre-piece for your main table spread.

Foxtail Palm

These large and beautiful palm plants are ideal for any party setting or gathering. Furthermore, if you are looking to create a tropical feel at your event or drive a specific theme, these plants are the right choice for the occasion.

Janet Craig

If you are throwing a party in a small space with not a lot of area for conveniences or decoration, this should be your event plant of choice. These plants improve the air quality of any space by removing toxins from the air.

White Bird of Paradise

Architects and interior designers love this plant. Their beauty lies in their large leaves that make any event feel like an actual paradise.

If you are looking to hire plants and flowers for events in Hampshire, there are plenty of florists located in the region who will be able to help you out with your needs at your events.