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Hanging Garden Ltd has been in the business for the more than 30 years now. Starting from 1987, we have garnered immense experience in the field and constantly strive to provide the finest gardening solution to our clients. Our aim remains to create a visually stunning garden or flower arrangement to enhance the beauty of your place. Our team provides services for the following-
  • Grounds keeping
  • Flower and Plant care
  • Hire Plants and Flower for events
Our services are targeted to all those people who do not have enough time or the workforce that is required to maintain a garden. Our team helps in creating a well decorated exterior so that a positive impact is left on the people who visit the property. Events are meant to be vibrant and colourful. Our temporary hire of plants for events service fulfils the requirements to these needs and make sure that the place of the event is fresh and colourful. Experts from us decorate the place with amazing flower and plants arrangements according to the theme of the event. Some of the kinds of events that we serve at are-
  • Businesses
  • Business events
  • Corporate hospitality events
We have a great sense of loyalty and dedicate ourselves completely towards the needs of our clients no matter how big or small they may be in their operational nature. Hanging Garden Ltd leaves never fails to complete a job and match the high quality of standards that we have set for ourselves. Our quality is our priority and the only thing that brings customers back to us whenever they need any assistance! Get in touch with us right now and get services of optimum quality right away.

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